COMMANDER™ Asset Manager

COMMANDER™ Asset Manager

COMMANDER Asset Manager delivers near real-time intelligent reporting of self-service inventories without a site visit. This centralized, comprehensive 360° view of terminal configuration and capabilities runs on any Microsoft® Windows®-based ATM/kiosk. The unprecedented level of detailed information on software, hardware and peripherals is critical to managing a self-service fleet. It enables better fleet investment decisions, more thorough audits of field engineer’s reports, confirmation of compliance requirements, and optimal management of maintenance and upgrades.

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Features & Benefits

Central Record System collects the following terminal configurations*


  • Publisher
  • Version
  • Description


  • Processor
  • Hard drive 
  • Memory 
  • Video card
  • Monitor 
  • System BIOS

Device Detail:

  • Card reader
  • Cash dispenser 
  • Pin pad, cash and check acceptors 
  • Envelope depositors 
  • Sensors

*This is a partial list.  Additional components are also available.


  • Multi-vendor Solution: Works with any Microsoft Windows-based ATM/Kiosk
  • Cross Platform: Can be added in conjunction with existing Agilis 91x SP3 and SP4 terminal software; as well as other competitors’ software
  • No Network Dependency: Does not require certification
  • Phased Implementation: Can be used individually or with other COMMANDER managers (specifically COMMANDER software manager)


Connectivity Requirements:

The COMMANDER Asset Manager consists of a client, server, and agent.

  • COMMANDER Server: Central platform and system of record for data. Installed on FI's server infrastructure.
  • COMMANDER Client: Windows Application and user interface. Installed on a FI's PC.
  • COMMANDER Asset Manager Agent: Installed on each ATM for communication back to central server.

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