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Just because a consumer prefers the self-service channel doesn’t mean you can’t improve the profitability and satisfaction for that interaction. Diebold’s self-service marketing software allows a tailored experience for your users and revenue-generating opportunities for you.

Consumers expect a positive, personalized experience when they interact with your representatives in a branch, so why shouldn’t they receive the same treatment at the self-service channel? With Diebold’s self-service marketing software, they can.

With the acquisition of Phoenix Interactive, we have expanded our ATM software offerings to give greater choice when picking functionality and deployment options that suit your needs. Whether you represent a small financial institution with limited IT resources or a large bank looking for a self-service marketing solution you can customize and manage yourself, Diebold offers compelling self-service marketing software options that suit your needs. No matter your fleet size or technology prowess, our ability to “wow” your consumers “now” is possible!  Improve profitability and consumer advocacy;  transforming ATM wait-time into a potential customer engagement opportunity can be simple.



Introducing a server orchestration layer that allows enhanced personalization and 1:1 marketing at the ATM and beyond. COMMANDER Marketing Suite is ideal for institutions interested in operating an easy, uniquely configured, on-premise self-service marketing solution. The platform delivers flexible functionality through:

  • Personalization Manager – Make your self-service environment truly consumer-centric and unique.  Allowing saved consumer preferences, a personalized welcome and designation of favorite transactions
  • Campaign Manager – Share and entice customers with relevant and timely offers and next best actions.  Facilitating customized advertisements/offers, “welcome,” “wait” and “thank you” screens
  • 1-to-1 Manager – Provide advice to consumers as a market of “one.”  Offering the ability to distribute individualized offers and messages to specific card holders
  • eCommunications Manager – Flexible and “green” power in your consumers’ hands.  Providing email and text message transaction receipts, as well as electronic marketing capabilities
  • Content Manager – Dynamic, context-based self-service flexibility.  Letting you remotely control business functions by individual ATM or by groups


Campaign Office

Delivering similar marketing functionality to COMMANDER Marketing Suite, Campaign Office is designed specifically to provide ATM marketing for terminals running Agilis 3 software. Campaign Office 1:1 marketing functionality can be managed on-premises, via a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model or by Diebold as a Managed Service. Tailor offers to specific customers, allow them to personalize their ATM operations and track campaign performance effortlessly with Campaign Office.


For consumers, choosing the ATM doesn’t have to mean choosing an impersonal experience when the right self-service marketing technology is in place. It’s never been easier to know your self-service banking audience better, reach them more effectively and grow your brand while growing your customer base. It’s all part of our commitment to helping you Delight Your Consumer.

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