XPRESSION™ Easy Interactive

XPRESSION™ Easy Interactive

Enabling employees to assist consumers with teller-type transactions through two-way audio and video at the self- service device. XPRESSION Easy Interactive allows FIs to move beyond just deposit automation and provide more transaction choices, specifically those not typically available at the self-service terminals.

XPRESSION Easy Interactive can be used as a transitional step in a bigger more complex migration journey or on its own.

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Features & Benefits

Advanced transactions can be carried out through a video enabled terminal

  • On demand video connects via a cardless interaction
  • Split deposits, check cashing and  over the limit withdrawals can be performed
  • Teller manually processes consumers transaction via teller platform

Can serve as part of a phased transaction migration plan

  • Low- cost entry to test consumer acceptance for handling complex transactions at self-service terminal
  • Delivers consumer experience equal to what normally requires service from within a branch
  • Combine with VISTA for a modular approach to fully integrated advanced transactions

Real-time teller interaction anywhere any time

  • Provides personalized service regardless of where the device is located
  • Offers replacement option for Vacuum Air Tube (VAT) drive-up systems
  • Extend branch reach and/or footprint without large investment


  • Multi-vendor Solution: Works with any Microsoft Windows-based ATM/Kiosk
  • No Network Dependency: Does not require certification
  • Phased Implementation: Can be used individually or with VISTA and other XPRESSION modules


Communication required:

Interactive Video Link via Two-way Communication, Microsoft Lync/Skype for Business

Bandwidth: Recommend T1 dedicated with minimum 3mbps line speed

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