Maintenance Services

Maintenance services

Maintenance is the core of Diebold’s service offerings. Our global skills, tools and infrastructure provide a comprehensive support model to enrich your business.

Your success is powered by Diebold’s ability to keep your equipment and software systems running and up to date with our leading 24/7 Maintenance Services.

Our maintenance models are tailored to deliver maximum network visibility and availability for improved uptime and cost savings. With our highly skilled professionals in the field, 24/7 remote facilities, and tools and infrastructure that are constantly under revision, we are the industry leader in ensuring the success of your Diebold systems and solutions—and your business.

For the ultimate peace of mind, choose from a variety of service agreements to fit your needs:

From installation to ongoing support, we are your trusted resource for increased productivity and peace of mind.

Billed Work Plans

In addition to service agreements, customizable billed work maintenance plans are available, including standardized hourly rates, guaranteed response times, warranties on parts and labor, on-site training for barrier equipment, and 24/7/365 help desk support.
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Remote Maintenance And Support

Diebold’s remote maintenance and support services provide remote access to devices prior to the dispatch of a service technician. Technical support can conduct a remote diagnostic session and provide detailed information when needed—reducing delays from on-site dispatch time and improving system uptime and availability performance.

Equipment We Service

Diebold’s experience runs deep with expertise in a variety of industries, including financial, security, retail and pharmacy. We service everything from ATMs and VAT drive-up systems to alarm systems and patient/customer kiosks. For a full list of equipment we service in your area, Contact Us.

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