Diebold 7790 Drive-up Island ATM

Diebold 7790 Drive-up Island ATM

The 7790 full-function drive-up ATM with deposit automation features highly reliable ActivCashTM dispensing technology, integrates advanced theft- and fraud-prevention technologies and offers live, two-way video services.

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  • ActivCash™ dispenser delivers industry-leading cash cassette capacity, reliability and cash over the keyboard
  • ActivMedia™ module accepts up to 75 combined notes and checks via a single slot
  • 19" consumer display pairs with secondary 7" ActivView™ display for easy-to-reach, secure personal data entry in the drive-up lane


  • Centralized ActivGuard™ intelligent alarm nerve center facilitates enhanced protection and monitoring
  • Fraud-resistant fascia, EPP7 and optional ActivEdge™ secure card reader protect user data
  • Leading data security technology: Symantec™ Endpoint Protection, SPEAR 2, ValiTech® and Self-Service Computing


  • Data analytics and individual power control to modules minimize maintenance costs
  • ActivPower™ system diminishes terminal power consumption by up to 40 percent
  • Intelligent, vertically installed ActivCash cassettes are chip-enabled for storing critical information such as denomination, cash capacity, access history or even health status



7790 Island
Height: 60.7” (1,542 mm)(front with fascia)
Width: 43.9” (1,116 mm)
Depth: 38.3” (974 mm)
Weight: 2,086 lbs (946 kg)

  1. Consumer face camera (option)
  2. Consumer awareness mirrors
  3. 19" SXGA or 15" XGA TFT color consumer display screen
    • Touch screen (19" display only)
    • Sunlight viewable
    • Privacy filter (optional)
    • Function keys (15" display only)
  4. Contactless card reader (option)
  5. Encrypting PIN pad
  6. Headphone jack
  7. 80 mm enhanced graphical receipt printer (option)
  8. ActivMedia
  9. Coin dispenser (option)
  10. ActivView (option)
  11. EMV-ready card reader (options)
    • ActivEdge
    • Motorized
    • Dip
  12. 2D barcode scanner (option)
  13. ActivCash
  14. ActivPower
  15. Security camera (option)
  16. Security safe (options)
    • UL 291 Level 1
    • CEN-L

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