ActivGuardTM ATM Security Management

ActivGuardTM ATM Security Management

Harness the industry-leading security you expect, in a single innovative nerve center. ActivGuard is an intelligent alarm panel inside the ATM safe; it’s our most comprehensive range of security and alert monitoring systems, all in one place.

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ActivGuard features an electronic circuit
card that acts as a central interface for
all terminal security devices. It collects
critical information and passes it along
to the ATM processor or external
alarm systems through secure USB


Available on new ATMs or as an
upgrade, ActivGuard supports 12 input
and 12 output signals, and enables data
collection. Rely on ActivGuard for:

  • Intrusion detection (ambush, top
    cabinet and fascia)
  • Thermal and seismic sensor alerts
  • Status monitoring (safe door, lock bolt,
    battery and air conditioning)
  • Advanced-function dispenser fraud
  • After-hour depository timeout alerts
  • Skimming and logical security alerts


The location of a central security processor
inside the ATM safe restricts unauthorized
access, while improved top cabinet protection
deters internal fraud and malware attacks. In
addition, ActivGuard features four dry contact
points for self-powered sensor inputs, such as
tilt, gas or smoke detectors, which offer fraud
and hazard protection.


ActivGuard provides the architecture, message
structure and storage to allow alarm mapping,
as well as the ability to customize and report
alarms to a central monitoring station to speed
troubleshooting. It also enables access to
the ATM for auditing purposes, and bolsters
internal security. This makes off-premise
protection easy, eliminating the need for a
third-party contract.


A centralized wiring hub means diminished
installation and maintenance costs and
improved reliability. Similarly, ActivGuard’s
false alarm reduction features can result in
fewer fines paid for unnecessary calls. And,
enhanced security measures yield reduced
losses associated with fraud, as well as
physical and logical attacks.

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