Cash Dispensers: When you want to cost-effectively expand your footprint so consumers can experience fast, secure, reliable transactions wherever they are, look to Diebold cash dispensers. Our terminals are designed to not only provide maximum uptime and functionality that fits each situation, but to simplify service and lower total cost of ownership, as well.





Diebold 5500/5550 Cash Dispensers

Diebold 5500/5550 cash-dispensing terminals offer the reliability, durability and cost optimization to extend your geographic reach in high-growth markets.

Diebold 429 Multifunction ATM

Diebold 429 delivers cash access in regions with power inconsistencies thanks to an intelligent power system using solar, battery and grid-based electricity.

Opteva® 522 Cash Dispenser

With its optimized footprint and high uptime, the Opteva® 522 cash dispenser is a reliable, secure option for high-transaction-volume branch deployment.

Opteva® 522 Exterior Cash Dispenser

With a weather-resistant design, advanced physical security and heightened cash availability, the Opteva® 522 Exterior is a cost-effective, off-site option.

Opteva® 529 Lobby Cash Dispenser

Maximizing floor space with the smallest footprint of any Opteva® 500 series terminal, the Opteva® 529 offers quick cash access practically anywhere it’s needed.

Opteva® 562 Through-the-Wall Walk-Up ATM

The Opteva® 562 delivers the trusted reliability, efficiency and cash availability of the Opteva ATM family in a convenient through-the-wall, walk-up format.

Opteva® 562r Through-the-Wall Cash Dispenser

For locations with limited space or greater disability compliance requirements, the Opteva® 562r is an ideal through-the-wall cash-dispenser option.

Opteva® 569 Through-the-Wall Cash Dispenser

In addition to reliable through-the-wall cash dispensing, the Opteva® 569 offers expanded functionality with a 2D barcode scanner and contactless card reader.

Cash Recyclers: Cash-management costs add up quickly across banking networks. With the right technology, they can be reduced. Confidently expand your profile in high-transaction-volume locations with Diebold cash-recycling terminals that automatically fitness-check, count and recirculate deposited notes to save you both time and money.





Diebold 3550 Cash-Recycling ATM

Diebold 3550 cash recyclers are highly reliable, versatile and built to reduce currency-management costs while providing consumers with ready cash access.

Diebold 3700 Deposit-Automation Cash-Recycling ATM

Diebold 3700 terminals are designed for low total cost of ownership, yet deliver full-function deposit automation performance to meet consumer demands.

Opteva® 828 Lobby Cash-Recycling ATM

The Opteva® 828 blends high performance with flexibility, delivering deposit automation, cash-dispensing and cash-recycling functionality in a single terminal.

Opteva® 868 Through-the-Wall Cash-Recycling ATM

As an advanced-function cash-recycling terminal, the Opteva® 868 offers an expanded transaction set to consumers and cash-management savings to you.

Opteva® 328 Bulk Cash-Recycling ATM

The Opteva® 328 cash-recycling ATM delivers full recycling capabilities and bulk cash deposit for in-lobby and through-the-wall vestibule applications.

Opteva® 368 Through-the-Wall Walk-Up Cash-Recycling ATM

The Opteva® 368 provides intuitive cash access in a walk-up, through-the-wall format while improving operational efficiency through integrated cash recycling.

Opteva® 378 Lobby Cash-Recycling ATM

The Opteva® 378 lobby cash-recycling ATM simplifies transactions with an intuitive interface, proven reliability and cash-management capabilities.

Deposit Automation: Deliver the functionality today’s consumers demand from their self-service banking. Whether your customers need to deposit large quantities of cash, bundles of checks or a mix of the two, Diebold has deposit automation-enabled terminals that make offering the ideal self-service experience simple.





Opteva® 720 Advanced-Function Lobby ATM

The Opteva® 720 advanced-function ATM brings high availability and intuitive deposit automation technology to the lobby environment, boosting efficiency.

Opteva® 740 Through-the-Wall Advanced-Function Drive-Up ATM

The Opteva® 740 allows for an easy, cost-effective transition, offering cash-dispensing services to full deposit automation at the drive-up channel.

Opteva® 750 Advanced-Function Island Drive-Up ATM

Deliver the convenience of deposit automation in an advanced-function ATM designed to withstand harsh outdoor environments with the Opteva® 750 island unit.

Opteva® 760 Advanced-Function Through-the-Wall Walk-Up ATM

Enable fast cash and check deposits via a high-availability walk-up ATM—the Opteva® 760 advanced-function through-the-wall terminal.

Opteva® 828 Lobby Cash Recycling ATM

The Opteva® 828 blends high performance with flexibility, delivering deposit automation, cash-dispensing and cash-recycling functionality in a single terminal.

Opteva® 868 Through-the-Wall Cash Recycling ATM

As an advanced-function cash-recycling terminal, the Opteva® 868 offers an expanded transaction set to consumers and cash-management savings to you.

In-Branch Technology: As the branch channel evolves to be more profitable and consumer-centric, so should the technology that supports your transformation. Our intuitive, consumer-pleasing, in-lobby-teller-assisted self-service terminals are designed to automate a wide range of transactions that free staff members to focus on sales and relationship building away from the teller counter.





Diebold 9900 In-Lobby Terminal

Diebold 9900 exceeds expectations by creating more meaningful account relationships, advanced sales opportunities and improved processes.

Opteva® 923 In-Lobby Terminal

Opteva® 923 is designed for the unique needs of the branch, allowing self-service and teller channels to coexist in meaningful ways that add value to consumers.

Self-Service Security Features: ATMs provide convenience to your consumers – but they are also a convenient target for criminals. To secure your confidence and the confidence of your consumers, Diebold takes a multilayered approach to ensuring your data, assets and reputation are protected from physical and logical threats.





Card and Currency Fraud

Diebold technology is built to resist fraud, featuring solutions such as ActivEdge™, the secure card reader that counteracts all forms of card-skimming fraud.

Physical Security

Physical attacks are a threat to ATMs, but Diebold makes monitoring and maintenance simple with solutions like the ActivGuard intelligent alarm nerve center.

Information/Logical Security

Protecting terminals against increasingly prevalent malware and network-based attacks, Diebold offers the most comprehensive data protection in the industry.

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