Titan® Class I & II Vault Doors

Titan® Class I & II Vault Doors

Titan® Vault Doors are manufactured for unparalleled strength using Diebold-formulated, fibrous concrete compounds and interlocking steel reinforcement.

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Diebold TITAN vault doors are manufactured
using a Diebold formulated, fibrous, high-strength 
concrete compound and interlocking steel re-
inforcement. The door is finished in fine grain, satin-
finish stainless steel with aluminium trim.

  • Overall door thickness of 10,”
    providing unequaled strength
  • Full-height, stainless steel-clad
    locking bars engage both
    vertical jambs


Solid engineering and creative thinking come
together to produce this vault door:

  • Daylight hold-up feature protects
    against lock-ins
  • Built-in ventilator maximizes usable
  • interior wall space
  • Meets UL standard 608
    - UL Class I (30 minutes)
    - UL Class II (60 minutes), 36” wide (5,250 lbs)
  • Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) -
    compliant in support of an environmentally
    friendly solution failure
  • Provides compliancy in support of an
    environmentally friendly solution,
    Restriction of Hazardous Substances.


A three-movement, 144-hour manual
timelock is standard. The design allows
the vault door operator to verify that the
timelock is properly engaged and the
vault door is secured before scattering the
combination locks.


The TITAN vault door is available with two sill
plate designs.

The steel sill plate option does not require a
pit minimizing construction costs.

The recessed sill plate option requires only
a 1” pit and allows the finished flooring to
run from outside the vault to inside the vault
eliminating the tripping point or bump for
cars or buses moving in and out of the vault.

The TITAN door vestibule is welded in place
so there is no need to grout the door when
using a modular vault. This eliminates a
secondary operation and reduces the total
installation cost. When using this door with a
poured in place vault, the same door can still
be grouted in place.


The door is secured by full-height, stainless
steel-clad locking bars that engage both
vertical jambs. When the door is closed,
the fixed, hinge-side locking bar engages.
Turning the handle, spoked wheel or
optional handwheel extends the locking bar
into the jamb on the opposite side of the
door, providing total vertical locking action.


  • Round handwheel
  • Spoked handle
  • Recessed sill

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