Electronic Vault Attendant II

Electronic Vault Attendant II

The Electronic Vault Attendant (EVA) II is a cutting-edge, self-service controlled vault access and safe deposit box management solution.

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EVA II enables controlled Biometric
authenticate to gain entrance into the
Safe Deposit Box area with reader
Options (Face-Fingerprint-Pin, Hand
Geometry, or just Fingerprint).


Through the Local Kiosk or the Remote
Management Application on the network,
Financial Institutions have the flexibility to
manage the system.


Customizable engine for ease of
narrowing down the exact data needed.

Additional Features

  • Ability to retrofit existing vaults without changing
    locks, etc.
  • Supports up to 5,000 users per system and
    20,000 safe deposit boxes
  • 100+ system operators
  • Customize reporting capability locally or
    network drive
  • 100,000 online historical events
  • System backup automatically scheduled locally
    or network drive
  • Scheduled download capabilities
  • Biometric capabilities tailored to meet your
    unique needs
  • Management software providing user enrollment
    and reporting

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