Your Best Defense Against External Threats

Your Best Defense Against External Threats

Backed by more than 150 years of experience, our barrier solutions help you manage risk and secure confidence.

Safes: Threats from external forces, such as burglary, fire or even unauthorized employees, will always exist. But, you have the power to protect your assets with theft-and fire-resistive safes and accessories that feature innovative designs and uniquely formulated materials.


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CashGard® Safes

CashGard® UL-Listed burglar-resistive chests offer protection against impact, prying attempts and drilling and come in a variety of colors, features and sizes.

MasterGard® Elite Composite Safes

The sophisticated MasterGard® Elite safes are made of composite, allowing for reduced weight, high strength and superior protection from physical attack.

Safe Interiors

Our steel reinforced interiors feature a variety of mechanical or electronic locking configurations and adjustable shelves for complete security and ease of use.

Vault Systems: Why just meet Bank Protection Act and Insurance Services Office standards when you can exceed them with our proprietary solutions that can be customized to your needs? All of our vaults are designed through extensive research, collaboration and testing to ensure the highest levels of security available.

Vault Systems

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Electronic Vault Attendant II

The Electronic Vault Attendant (EVA) II is a cutting-edge, self-service controlled vault access and safe deposit box management solution.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Our safe deposit boxes feature UL-Listed changeable locks and interlocking modular components that allow for numerous vault configurations and complete security.

Modular Vaults

Our UL-Listed concrete modular vaults are lighter and thinner than site-poured walls, making them ideal for locations with strict weight and size requirements.

Titan® Class I & II Vault Doors

Titan® Vault Doors are manufactured for unparalleled strength using Diebold-formulated, fibrous concrete compounds and interlocking steel reinforcement.

Wedge-Lock Class III Vault Door

Massive, yet affordable, our Wedge-Lock Class III Vault Door features a rotary wedge that spans the full height of the door and dual-security combination locks.

After-Hours Depositories: Ensure the safety and positive experiences of your consumers with after-hours depositories that come standard with user-friendly features, meet UL anti-fish and anti-trap standards, and are compliant with ADA requirements — all while protecting you against unauthorized removal of the receiving chest.

After-Hours Depositories

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Securomatic® After-Hours Depository

Available in manual or electric operation models, the Securomatic® Depository can be customized with a variety of alarm packages, locks and exterior colors.

24-Hour Envelope Depository

24-Hour Envelope Depository is designed for high-volume locations, enabling speedy, convenient after-hours deposits, while securing assets against threats.

Lock Systems: Preventing theft is all about control. With our lock systems, you have the power to decide who has access to your vaults, all without the assistance of an external programmer. Choose the lock that’s right for you with our various models, including single combination, dual-user combination, programmable and programmable with duress signals.

Lock Systems

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OptiGard® Locks

OptiGard® Locks are a secure and reliable retrofit solution designed to prevent burglaries and internal theft with high-speed processors and user-friendly software.

VeraPass® Electronic Locking System

VeraPass® Electronic Locking Systems provide comprehensive security, controlled access and operational efficiencies all in one tamper-proof, wireless system.

Secure Vestibule: Protect assets, employees and consumers by preventing weapons from entering your facility. Our secure vestibule systems provide advanced screening functionality, metal detection and interlocking doors that can be customized to suit your unique needs.

Secure Vestibule

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Secure Vestibule

Our ADA-compliant vestibules accommodate a variety of building variations, meet U.S. fire codes, and are designed to detect and deter unauthorized individuals.

Teller Stations: Efficient, expandable, secure and compatible with all functions, our extensive line of metal under-counter bank teller equipment is designed for both financial and commercial applications. Choose from a variety of units and accessories for cash management, filing and storage.

Teller Stations

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Under-Counter Equipment

Efficient, expandable and secure, our metal under-counter bank teller equipment is suitable for both financial and commercial applications.

Accent Furniture

Achieve branch transformation with attractive, modular furniture that can be smartly arranged to improve workflow, security and consumer delight.

Bullet-Resistive Glass

Our glass is UL certified as bullet- and hurricane-resistive and is compatible with standard workstation components, such as transaction drawers and VATS.

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