ATM CHANNEL AND Currency Management

Maintain optimal cash levels with currency management services.


  • Monitor and forecast cash demands based on terminal-specific data
  • Reduce costly out-of-cash occurrences
  • Use cash more profitably for increased revenue
  • Provide a centralized source for ATM replenishment information
  • Manage monitoring of daily cash levels, automated alerts and cash orders


Maintaining optimal cash levels throughout your self-service channel can help you reduce costly trips to replenish ATMs and streamline your operations. Diebold’s ATM Currency Management solution helps you achieve your goals by tracking, logging and analyzing the physical movement of cash across your network. With this important data all in one place, you can then build trend analyses and build an accurate cash replenishment schedule.

More Information

This ATM Channel Management solution takes information from three of your essential processes— customer requirements, operations activities and deliverables/output, analyzing them to produce reporting information. Currency Management then provides predictive schedules for cash orders and armored delivery, balances and reconciles ATMs and vaults, and optimizes currency supply versus supply costs, for a complete solution that is tailored for your operations.


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