Marketing at the ATM

Boost profits and consumer engagement by branding ATMs.


  • Maximize branding with customizable graphics
  • Offer consumer personalization, such as fast cash, language and receipt-or-no-receipt preferences
  • Market to individual consumers or specific demographics with bank identification numbers (BIN)-based capabilities
  • Retrieve detailed usage reports regarding delivery status, viewing percentages, interactive responses and more
  • Manage all screen content centrally across your ATM network for easy customization and real time graphic updates
  • Access anytime, in any location via a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) model


Diebold’s ATM channel management services help boost your profits and consumer engagement by turning your ATMs into dynamic branding devices capable of presenting personalized backgrounds, buttons and fonts, and informational messages to every consumer, at every location, at any time. As a Microsoft® Windows®-based solution, Diebold’s Content Delivery offering is flexible, simple to use and can be managed based on demographics and account information—for an experience that is tailored to each consumer’s interests and needs.


Generate Revenue & Improve Retention

Customers have reported campaign conversion rates as high as 12 percent with targeted marketing. With Diebold's Marketing at the ATM solution, consumer data can be mined and specific campaigns relevant to individual interests and needs can be generated for a fraction of the cost of traditional media. The robust reporting and analytics allows conversion rates to be tracked, positive respoonses routed for follow-up and negative responses tagged to avoid repeat offers.

Cost effective for ATM operators of all sizes

As subscription-based application hosted within Diebold's secure data center, Diebold's Marketing at the ATm solution allows customers of all sizes to focus resources on core financial services and creating marketing message. All management of the content delivery, infrastructure and maintenance is outsourced to Diebold Integrated Services®.

Diebold Integrated Services Manages:

  • Set up, servers and infrastructure
  • Application maintenance and support
  • Database administration
  • Content delivery
  • Security and compliance

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