Availability Management


  • Increase ATM uptime and enhanced consumer satisfaction and system profitability
  • Enjoy faster, more accurate responses to issues with automated notifications
  • Maximize self-service availability and operations without adding capital expense
  • Free up staff and resources to focus on core business with monitoring and hosted solution
  • Strengthen operational efficiencies through comprehensive management of corrective and proactive actions at the self-service channel


Your profitability and brand image are directly tied to the reliability and availability of your ATM network. Through Availability Management, you will have all of the tools you need to keep your terminals running at optimal levels at all times, including remote monitoring and repair, cash optimization, security monitoring and device metrics to help you efficiently manage your entire network.


An ATM solution that speaks for itself

As an end-to-end network solution, Diebold’s OpteView® Resolve™ ATM channel management services deliver status messages directly from the ATM to the institution, providing specific, detailed information about the nature of a problem, such as low cash or receipt paper levels, card-reader problems and printer paper jams. It completely automates ATM fleet availability management business processes, preventing the need to perform unnecessary manual actions and minimizing the costs associated with downtime.

Cost Effective for ATM Operators of all sizes

FIs now have the option to subscribe to OpteView Resolve as a channel management service, receiving all of the advantages of OpteView Resolve without having to invest in and manage infrastructure and software. In this scenario, OpteView Resolve software hosted within Diebold's secure data center and connection to the software is provided via a cloud-computing model. All management of the application and infrastructure is outsourced through Diebold Integrated Services®.

Diebold Integrated Services® Manages:

  • Set up, servers and infrastructure
  • Application maintenance and support
  • Database administration
  • Security and Compliance
  • Break-fix if necessary

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