Managing your Diebold Services

We are ready to meet your needs 24/7/365, anytime, anywhere. When you sign a service agreement with Diebold, we ensure you have the proper avenues to contact us, monitor your service requests and ensure your equipment is running at optimal performance.
In fact, we want to know if we are meeting your expectations.  Tell us how we are doing.

service request manAgement

Initiate and manage equipment service requests through the My Diebold customer portal. With a login and password, you can quickly and easily create, update, manage and review service requests for all Diebold-serviceable equipment. Log in now or call 855.545.7289 to sign up for Service Request Management.

Manage automatically with DECAL IP (Diebold’s electronic access link).  DECAL IP feeds directly into your system through a safe and secure IP or FTP connection.  DECAL IP can handle bulk dispatching and aides in avoiding duplicate tickets and unnecessary escalation.  Call 330-498-2744.  Installation, set-up and support are free.

Product Card


Service Electronic Reporting Access System (SERAS)

With your login and password, you are able to keep your self-service terminals in top shape for consistent, reliable transaction flow across your entire fleet. (Includes Diebold Advisor®, RemoteLink®, Software Deployment, Content Delivery, Diebold Cash Management Services, Elan Connect, ImageWay™ and Diebold Transaction Services)

arrival time window


Get detailed information as to when your Diebold service technician will arrive onsite. Our Arrival Time Window is a three-hour span of time within which a technician will arrive onsite to service your equipment. Use this link to receive current information and greater detail regarding your Arrival Time Window.

Diebold SecureStat®

View, measure and control your security operations anywhere, anytime on any smart device. Access all the devices you want to control, your monitoring and equipment statuses, and Diebold’s first-rate maintenance services all within our single sign-on portal. Diebold SecureStat® revolutionizes the way interact with your security.

software Update Notification

 Keep current on software updates for Microsoft Windows® operating systems deployed on your Diebold ATMs. Logon to the secure website to obtain any necessary patches. Powered by Diebold Customer Internet Support (DCIS)

revisor online log in

Your security needs can change when you least expect it. Log in to quickly and easily manage a wide variety of security functions and create detailed facility reports. Revisor Online allows you to act immediately accessing your security data so you can identify security issues and make informed decisions. Hawaii Customer Log In

customer reference manuals

Looking for product manuals for Diebold-installed facility or security products? Search our library of manuals here.

Still need help? Contact 1-800-DIEBOLD (343-2653) for all your service needs.

1-800-DIEBOLD (343-2653) for all your service needs.

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Option 3 - How's My Driving?

Option 5 - Cancel an Active Alarm

Option 2 - Request an Arrival Time Window

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