Protect your organization and assets with Diebold alarm monitoring solutions.


  • Provides alerts of threats to life and property, and initiates proper responses to those emergencies
  • Reduces staff demands and provides consistent, customized security response
  • Improves protection with layers of security that follow multiple redundant communication paths, including network, Internet, wireless and dial-up


When an alarm sounds, response time is critical. With alarm monitoring through Diebold’s Five-Diamond Certified Monitoring Center, you can be assured of efficient, reliable response from a team of highly trained professionals. The Monitoring Center is UL and UL-C certified, offering full redundancy through an off-site backup facility, as well as an uninterrupted power supply for the ultimate in alarm system reliability.

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Change the way you interact with your security. As an alarm monitoring customer, you can harness the power of Diebold’s online, customized dashboard, SecureStat, to give you security control, tools and information that can improve your security operations and compliance while helping you reduce your overall business risk.  It’s available on any smart device, anywhere and in real time. SecureStat puts you in control.


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