• Ensure continuous operation and health of your video program
  • Get priority response and reduce related fines
  • Store video in the cloud
  • View live or recorded video from your mobile device
  • Measure results with proven video analytics technology

Using video to capture activities in your facilities can be integral to promptly resolving security events. Diebold’s video surveillance solutions and services allow you to view events in real time. And when a security event is taking place, video can enable a fast response that increases your odds of minimizing loss and conducting effective investigations.

When paired with security monitoring, video also helps to verify events and prevent the dispatch of responders for non-emergencies—reducing the costs associated with false alarms.

Ensure every video recorder is working and reliable.

Unlike alarms, locks and sensors that are easily tested to confirm their status, video recorders require special attention. With video recorders, problems often aren’t detected until an attempt to retrieve event video fails because the footage isn’t there. Diebold’s DVR  Health Check assesses all video recorders across your network and performs a regular checkup of diagnostics to ensure their operational status.


Leverage the Diebold infrastructure to safely and securely store video.

Never be limited by lack of video storage space with Diebold’s Site Sentry® remote video storage. You can control the number of cameras from which video is pulled, how long video is stored, how much video is stored, image sizes and number of frames-per-second to be transferred to Diebold’s award-winning Monitoring Center for safe keeping.

  • Advanced IP technology
  • Video monitoring services including DVR health check, video escort and video audit
  • Video cloud storage
  • Affordable local storage options
  • Enterprise global network video solutions
  • Proven video analytics technology
  • Online and remote view capabilities

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