DEPOSIT AUTOMATION (recycling Ready)

More Functionality, Less Lifecycle Costs

Financial institutions operating in high-transaction-volume markets need a means of providing the experience users desire while controlling cash-management costs. Despite the popularity of card-based and digital transactions, cash utilization is increasing worldwide, and that means rising costs associated with acquiring, transporting, insuring and handling cash. The answer lies in integrated cash-recycling technology paired with deposit automation.

With the launch of the Diebold 3700 deposit automation cash-recycling terminal, Diebold has made it easier than ever to meet consumer demands for expedient deposits while diminishing costs as cash is automatically sorted, validated and placed back into circulation. It allows consumers to deposit cash and checks quickly and easily while providing the capacity and recycling functionality to keep cash-management costs down and terminal availability rates high. ​

Diebold 3700 Deposit Automation Recycling Terminal new

The Diebold 3700 deposit automation recycling terminal delivers full-function, cash-recycling functionality to meet evolving consumer expectations while lowering cash management costs for terminal operators. A highly configurable cash and check platform with a compact design, the Diebold 3700 automates many teller tasks, freeing them to focus on more profitable, relationship-oriented operations.​

Opteva® 828 Lobby

​Deliver the latest in deposit automation, cash-dispensing and cash-recycling technologies in one advanced-function, front-load lobby ATM.

  • Benefit from a recycling module with cash-in mode and optional dispenser or upgrade easily to full-recycling functionality with a simple software change
  • Attract consumers in a wide range of deposit environments with a complete suite of deposit automation module options tailored to your needs
  • Optimize cash management by reducing costs and shortening the cash cycle, thanks to built-in cash recycling
  • Offer three deposit styles, widely accepted in different markets around the world, to ensure consumers are presented with a suitable option

Opteva® 868 Through-the-Wall

Supply exceptional deposit automation and cash management with proven reliability for greater uptime, faster transaction speeds and consumer convenience.

The Opteva 868 ATM offers exceptional, proven reliability for significantly greater uptime compared to standard ATMs.

  • Make great strides toward improving operational efficiency with sizable note capacity and recycling capabilities that lead to fewer deposit pulls and service calls
  • Automate clerical functions, from note validation and fitness checking to sorting and denominating, to minimize staff burden
  • Avoid empty-envelope fraud and streamline transactions with advanced deposit automation functionality

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