Opteva® Flex Performance Series 868 Through-The-Wall ATM terminals


  • Offers exceptional, proven reliability for significantly greater uptime compared to standard ATMs
  • Improves operational efficiency with sizable note capacity and recycling capabilities that lead to fewer deposit pulls and service calls
  • Automates clerical functions, from note validation and fitness checking to sorting and denominating, to minimize staff burden
  • Defends against empty-envelope fraud and streamlines transactions with advanced deposit automation functionality and robust security features


The Opteva® 868 through-the-wall ATM offers high performance, exceptional reliability and faster transaction speeds for a positive consumer experience. Superior note identification, fitness checking and multiple currency support, work together to heighten efficiencies by automating common teller functions.

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With an outstanding capacity of up to 13,100 deposited notes stored in as many as five cassettes, the Opteva 868 requires less deposit pulls and service calls and offers outstanding availability. With a recycling capacity of up to 10,800 notes, the Opteva 868 both reduces cash-handling costs and shortens the cash cycle. The unit can be configured in three widely accepted depository styles, enabling institutions to offer options suited to the needs of different markets.


Terminal Features


  • Height: 1,549 mm (61 in)
  • Width: 856 mm (33.7 in)
  • Depth: 1,303 mm (51.3 in)
  • Weight: 680 kg (1,500 lbs)


  • Highly reliable and market-proven recycling technology
  • Superior note-identification technology
  • Multiple currency support
  • Fully RoHS compliant
  • Fully compliant with European Central Bank “Article 6” requirements
  • Designed to meet international accessibility guidelines
  • Banknote serial number recognition*

Software Requirements:

  • Windows® XP Pro or Windows®  7
  • XFS 4.0 and higher
  • Agilis 3 91x/Agilis 3 NDx

Display Options:

  • 15.1-inch color consumer sunlight-viewable display
  • Indoor and outdoor touch-screen options, with or without function keys
  • Optional privacy filter

Enhanced Security:

  • Features include fraud-resistive dispenser and card reader, consumer awareness mirrors, encrypted PIN pad, security camera, lock options and duress alarm
  • Dual shutter cash pocket minimizes fraud attempts
  • Optional cash-interface camera
  • Optional biometric finger-vein technology*

Recycling Cash Capacity:

  • ATM design offers up to five cassettes for denomination support and enhanced cash capacity
  • Up to 10,800-note recycling capacity (based on new notes)
  • Deposits of up to 13,100 notes in a five-cassette configuration
  • User interface accepts 200 notes at one time
  • Holds up to 200 notes in escrow
  • Up to four dedicated, secure dispense or recycling cassettes (fifth cassette reserved for mix of deposit and reject/dispense retracts)

Advanced Function Dispenser (AFD):

  • Divert cassette with separate retract and divert compartments
  • Proven friction-pick technology
  • Up to 11,200-note capacity (based on new notes)
  • Enables currency exchange functions

Advanced Features:

  • Optional barcode readers and coin dispenser
  • Optional Intelligent Depository Modules (IDM) for check imaging and check cashing applications
  • Configuration flexibility - Accepts stacks of up to 30 checks or bill payment documents in any insertion orientation
  • Printer options include journal, receipt, statement and passbook

Multi-channel Software:

  • Advanced software solution performs in a cross-vendor environment
  • Connects to Web applications, back-office systems and other customer channels
  • Maximizes your brand, personalizes transactions and enables quick deployment of new functionality

*availability varies by market


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