In-Branch terminals

Efficient and Personalized Approach to Branch Transformation Solutions

Financial institutions around the world are adjusting their strategies to meet the ever evolving needs of consumers. As a result, the form and function of the branch must evolve.

Changes in design, technology and format continue to shape the way we see financial services tomorrow, including:

  • Shift to a universal staffing model - augmented with assisted self-service
  • Development of multiple branch formats to suit specific market needs
  • Branch as the primary driver of customer experience and brand

The Opteva® Branch Performance Series™ Advantage

The Branch Performance Series enhances customer care through reliable automated service and smarter use of tellers. With automated transactions, financial institutions can spend more time interacting with customers for value-added transactions instead of routine transactions. Capable of sorting, validating and checking note fitness, the Opteva 923 terminals free up tellers for integral interactions. With several configuration options for the upmost flexibility and functionality, the Branch Performance Series can easily transition as your branch transformation strategy evolves.

​Opteva® 923 In-Lobby Teller

​Enhance customer care through reliable, automated service and smarter use of tellers. Deliver robust transactions and reduce operating cost my minimizing teller's handling of cash and routine tasks.


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