At Diebold, security is not an afterthought—it’s the core of our business. Every Diebold Opteva® ATM is designed to outsmart fraudsters and withstand physical and logical attacks. To ensure the most effective coverage to mitigate ATM fraud and other threats, Diebold offers a comprehensive, multilayered approach that includes hardware, software and services designed to safeguard your customers and your bottom line today and in the future.

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​Card and Currency Fraud Prevention Solutions

Diebold ATM security solutions help financial institutions guard against the most sophisticated fraud attempts such as card skimming, PIN interception, dispenser trapping and other potential dangers.

  • Includes innovative industry firsts that ensure the most advanced ATM protection
  • Features solutions that work together as a complete, integrated system that secures assets, protects customers and deters crime before it begins

​ATM Physical Security

​Provide a secure environment for ATM users while defending against the threat of forceful attacks.

  • Discourages would-be criminals from break-ins with units specifically engineered and manufactured for strength and resistance to attacks
  • Ensures confidence for users, knowing there are security measures strategically placed to protect them

 ActivGuard™ ATM Security

Diebold’s ActivGuard™ is an innovative security “nerve center” that replaces basic alarm and sensor packages, as well as the Enhanced Alarms Interface, consolidating management of all ATM security functions into a single embedded system.

​• Serves as a central interface point for all terminal security devices, from sensors and alarms to monitoring equipment
• Supports 12 input signals and 12 output signals, providing connection points for numerous input types
• Features four unpowered contact points for self-powered sensor inputs and additional protection
• Facilitates monitoring of entry and exit activities to critical ATM areas, allowing for better auditing

ActivEdge™ Secure Card Reader

Counteract every form of card skimming currently in existence with a wholly unique card reader.

​​​​• Prevents external and internal skimming devices from reading card data by requiring long-edge card insertion
• Encrypts communications and pairs card reader with terminal to minimize tampering-related fraud
• Automatically locks currency gate to prevent trapping and fishing

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