ActivEdge™ Secure Card Reader


• Prevents external skimming devices from reading card data by requiring long-edge card insertion
• Mitigates internal skimming through modification of the card reader with an encrypting read head
• Eliminates capture and tracking of card data via USB sniffing by encrypting communication to the CPU
• Deters full card reader substitution by pairing each ActivEdge™ card reader to a specific terminal






As card skimming fraud increases in prevalence and sophistication around the world, a need for a new grade of anti-skimming ATM security solution has never been more pronounced. Now that solution exists in the form of Diebold ActivEdge™ —a game-changing card reader designed to counteract every form of modern-day skimming. The industry’s first secure card reader, ActivEdge makes all existing card skimmers obsolete by altering the way an ATM card is inserted and read. Current skimming technology relies on the ability to read an ATM card’s entire magnetic strip as it is inserted in a short-edge orientation. ActivEdge requires card users to insert their cards long-edge first, making it impossible for skimmers to capture the card’s information.

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More Information

Beyond protecting customers and financial institutions from skimming-related threats, ActivEdge features a number of other security features. It offers automatic gate-locking functionality to counteract card trapping and fishing. Additionally, the module is equipped with reporting functionality to enhance security, deliver troubleshooting and service diagnostics, and generate forensic data and log files.