Opteva® 760 advanced function through-the-wall walk-up ATM terminals


  • Offers high-capacity throughput and efficiencies via up to five media cassettes
  • Enhances consumer experiences with envelope-free check and cash deposits, as well as personalized transaction capability
  • Integrates the latest in fraud-prevention technology to increase security and mitigate risk, as well as advanced protection for assets via a Diebold CashGard™ safe
  • Improves reliability and availability due to efficient note handling and separate media handling functionality
  • Reduces total cost of ownership due to lower installation, replenishment, upgrade and maintenance costs


The Opteva® 760 advanced-function, through-the-wall walk-up ATM offers high reliability in a low-maintenance unit. Featuring Diebold’s rapid-processing technology, the Opteva 760 enables fast envelope-free cash and check deposits and increased uptime.

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More Information

The Opteva 760 accepts envelope-free checks for direct deposit verification and credit, and bundles of up to 50 notes for automatic authentication and credit to the consumer’s account. An optional coin dispenser module is also available for added functionality, and an attention-getting LCD consumer display with optional filter versions increases advertising and cross-selling impact.

Even More Information

Opteva 760 units are equipped with advanced Diebold CashGard money and depository chests designed with specially formulated high-strength steel to meet UL’s 15-minute TL-15 door-attack evaluation, as well as other UL performance tests. These chests are designed to be equipped with a wide variety of alarm components and resist everything from cut-off saws and electric drills to punches and sledgehammers.

Terminal Features

Dimensions (Front Load):

  • Height: 1,594 mm (62.75 inches)
  • Width: 794 mm (31.25 inches)
  • Depth: 1,038 mm (40.875 inches)
  • Weight with five-high UL 291 Level 1 safe: 696 kg (1,535 lbs)
  • Weight with five-high CEN IV safe: 1,014 kg (2,235 lbs)


  • Designed to meet international accessibility guidelines
  • Sleek terminal design offers the most functionality for the footprint size
  • Designed for compatibility with various construction mediums
  • Fully RoHs compliant
  • Through-the-wall collar allows retrofits to walls up to 330 mm (13.0 inches) thick

Software Requirements:

  • Windows® XP Pro
  • XFS 4.0 and higher
  • Agilis 3 91x/Agilis 3 NDx

Display Options:

  • Attention-getting graphics delivered via a 15.1-inch consumer LCD display increase advertising and cross-selling impact
  • Touch-screen option with or without function keys
  • Sunlight viewable and privacy filter

Enhanced Operator Interface:

  • Complete analysis of the ATM as well as a variety of diagnostics and other service benefits provided via a 10.4-inch color LCD rear monitor
  • An adjustable alphanumeric keyboard and integrated pointing device streamline service

Enhanced Security:

  • Features include fraud-resistive dispenser and card reader, consumer awareness mirrors, encrypted PIN pad, security camera, lock options and duress alarm

Deposit Automation Options:

  • Integrated dispenser envelope depositor provides one entry point for both presenting and receiving envelopes
  • Intelligent Depository Module® accepts envelope-free checks for direct deposit verification and credit
  • Enhanced note acceptor allows up to 50-note bundles to be deposited for automatic authentication and credit to the consumer’s account
  • Coin dispenser module dispenses various coin denominations

Advanced Function Dispenser (AFD):

  • Increased throughput and efficiencies via two to five multimedia cassettes
  • Divert cassette with separate retract and divert compartments
  • Proven friction-pick technology

Printer Options:

  • Easy reading and marketing opportunities with two-color, high-resolution graphical thermal receipt and document printers

Multi-channel Software:

  • Advanced software solution performs in a cross-vendor environment
  • Connects to Web applications, back-office systems and other customer channels
  • Maximizes your brand, personalizes transactions and enables quick deployment of new functionality

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