​ATM Marketing Software - Agilis® Campaign Office™

Brand your ATM terminals and make them part of your marketing mix.


  • Effortlessly track campaign performance with robust analytics, featuring multiple exporting and printing options 
  • Empower consumers personalize their ATM experiences more easily with preference settings
  • Make transactions more personalized and create customized targeted offers for defined segments or individual consumers with bank identification numbers (BIN)-based capabilities 
  • Update and edit screen content, messaging, and graphics in real time
  • Manage all screen content centrally across your entire ATM network for easy customization
  • Retrieve detailed usage reports regarding delivery status, viewing percentages, interactive responses and more


Better target and personalize the consumer experience with one-to-one marketing opportunities at the ATM through Agilis® Campaign Office™. Allow consumers to set self-service preferences for efficient transactions while tailoring your marketing messages to them based on demographics, account information and their interests, ultimately benefiting both the consumer and your institution.

Make Your ATM User Specific

Enhance ATM screen graphics through the use of Web browser-based screens and support branding across all consumer transaction screens from a central location. With Agilis Campaign Office ATM marketing software, your ATMs can be personalized to support specific locales, unique backgrounds, buttons and fonts, a selection of languages, and can be branded with informational and service messages.

Now Available - Software as a Service (SaaS)

  • Access anytime, in any location via a cloud-based server 
  • Lower cost to implement and maintain with a subscription-based application hosted within Diebold's secure data center

Campaign Office cloud-based ATM Software as a Service (SaaS) model can be implemented on any fleet size. This model allows customers to focus resources on core financial services and marketing messaging; while taking advantage of Diebold's secure global data center. Campaign Office ATM software is also available as a licensed on-premise software product for customers who prefer to control the application themselves, or as a turn-key managed service where Diebold Integrated Services® hosts, administers and manages the content delivery programs. 



  • Agilis® 2.4 Patch 8 (limited functionality) or Agilis 3 and higher
  • Must support TCP/IP connection running XP Pro with Agilis® 2.1 Bandwidth requirement - min 128 KBPS

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