​AGILIS® ATM Platform

Improve performance across multichannel, multivendor ATM networks while raising the overall efficiency of the self-service channel. Diebold’s Agilis® ATM software is a development framework that serves as the foundation for a powerful integrated suite of business-oriented products, tools and ATM services that heighten interoperability.
Agilis allows ATMs to operate to their full potential, providing you with the benefits and control of an open development environment while granting access to the latest innovative technologies and delivering a consistent brand image and user experience at every consumer contact point. Contact us for more information about Diebold's Agilis ATM software.

​Agilis® 3 for Windows® 7

Easily migrate to Windows® 7, stay PCI-compliant and avoid running Microsoft Windows® XP after support expires in April 2014 by adopting Agilis 3. Diebold’s newest release of Agilis contains security enhancements, such as Enhanced User Account Control, as well as improvements to the operating system to allow for faster load times. Other Agilis benefits include:

  • Heightened performance on the most robust and commonly used software
  • Connectivity made quicker and more consistent, allowing for more secure remote access to your network and information technology infrastructure
  • Built as a foundation upon which embedded systems can be deployed and customized to meet your institution’s needs

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