Streamline branch operations with Diebold's 228 Express Cash Recycler.


  • Validates, denominates and securely stores cash overnight, acting as an extension of the vault
  • Available in tall  (counter-height) and short (sit-down) variants
  • Facilitates transition of tellers to universal banker roles by expanding secure cash access
  • Contains eight to twelve intelligent rolled storage modules, delivering high capacity and on-board diagnostics

Fast, Accurate Cash Access Where You Want It

As branches are transformed to improve consumer engagement and optimize operational efficiency, there is a need for staff members to access cash both at the teller counter and beyond. The Diebold 228 Express Cash Recycler (ECR) provides an answer, offering staff members access to fast, accurate cash withdrawals wherever they are needed. A tall version fits seamlessly with standard counters, granting tellers or floating bankers cash access at traditional teller counters or teller pods. Alternatively, a shorter sit-down version is designed to fit with any standard desk, allowing bankers to conduct cash-based transactions throughout the branch. The Diebold 228 ECR takes the burden of cash handling from staff members, allowing them to focus on fostering relationships with customers, promoting products and services, and otherwise carrying out high-value operations. Especially when combined with in-lobby teller terminals such as the Diebold 9900, the Diebold 228 ECR offers the flexibility necessary to design branches that best suit your needs.

The Diebold 228 ECR features either eight intelligent rolled storage modules (RSMs) in the sit-down unit or a choice of eight, ten or twelve intelligent RSMs in the tall unit. They offer high capacity and note validation, denomination and recycling for easy recirculation and human error avoidance. It also features on-board diagnostics and an intuitive graphical user interface with instructional videos, making usage and status checks simple. Assets are protected by a UL 291 Level 1 safe, allowing the Diebold 228 ECR to act as an extension of the vault and allowing staff members to operate from wherever is most convenient.  

Contact Diebold to learn how the Diebold 228 ECR can enable you to create the efficient operations you need and, subsequently, the banking experience consumers want.

Teller Cash Automation with Diebold's 228 Express Cash Recycler



Australia, Canada, Mexico and United States

Full Dimensions

Diebold 228 ECR - Tall

  • Height: 940 mm (37.00 in)
  • Width: 440 mm (17.32 in)
  • Depth: 910 mm (35.83 in)
  • Weight: 430 kg (948 lb) with UL 291 Level 1 Safe

Diebold 228 ECR - Sit-Down
  • Height: 940 mm (37.00 in)**
  • Width: 440 mm (17.32 in)
  • Depth: 910 mm (35.83 in)
  • Weight: 430 kg (948 lb) with UL 291 Level 1 Safe



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