Easily transport cash, checks and documents with a pneumatic tube system.

Quickly transport cash, checks and documents overhead or underground with systems known for their reliability and efficiency. Pneumatic tube systems, or vacuum air tubes (VATs), can assist with improving productivity and can help increase the consumer-to-teller ratio.

Enhanced Consumer Experience

Regardless of how many lanes you have, pneumatic systems are preferred by many consumers as they are perceived as faster, more convenient and more secure than visiting a teller counter in person.

​VAT 21GX Drive-up System

​Realize the best possible return for building space costs with a solution ideal for drive-up islands.

  • Easy to install due to its small 10' (25.4 cm) square footprint
  • Partners well with the built-in 816 AudioTM System
  • Enhances teller operations by allowing adjacent tellers to access the same carrier with the View-Thru Dual-Sided Operator unit

​VAT 23GX Overhead Drive-up System

​Offer reliability, transaction speed and convenience through a low-maintenance solution.

  • Enhanced environmentally and ergonomically friendly attributes suit current retail banking drive-up applications
  • Compatible with future advanced-technologies platforms

​VAT 30GX Merchant Drive-up System

​Deploy a solution with an enhanced ergonomic design to offer improved user-friendly features.

  • Offers construction flexibility by connecting to existing tubing to reduce the required depth of excavation
  • Permits clear viewing in any lighting conditions with optional 15" sunlight-viewable monitor
  • Improves accessibility with a familiar CALL/SEND feature designed for all vehicle types

​VAT 42 Underground Pneumatic System

​Replace virtually any existing underground drive-up application with minimal island rework.

  • Ideal underground pneumatic solution for a durable, low maintenance design
  • Offers construction flexibility by connecting to existing tubing to reduce the required depth of excavation

​Easy-Aire® 10GX

​Rely on the VAT system that sets the industry standard for durability, sophistication and reliability.

  • Boasts exceptional payload performance, capable of moving six pounds up to 100 feet
  • Unique high-capacity carrier design automatically positions, opens and closes
  • Retrofit-ready design offers a convenient refresh solution for existing Easy-Aire 10 systems

​816 AudioTM Systems

​Enable up to eight operators to be in full-duplex audio communication with as many as 16 consumers simultaneously.

  • Allows more than one operator to be in audio communication with a single customer or member at the same time
  • Makes it possible for operators to control communications with various touch points easily with the system's Audio Control Module
  • Optional privacy handsets, wired/wireless headsets and audio/video advertising are also available for integration into the 816 Audio System

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