remote teller system

Remote Teller


  • Bridge the gap between full- and self-service by bringing the drive-up experience into the branch
  • Allow a teller to view up to 16 customer or member locations and to control video advertising capabilities
  • Maintain live tellers for the lobby and drive-up areas
  • Increase sales through an increasing range and mix of products
  • Limit “head count” while maintaining service and increasing sales
  • Provide higher levels of security for both consumers and employees


Diebold’s RemoteTeller™ System is a high-throughput, low-cost, non-card-based approach to in-branch banking that uses pneumatics and two-way closed-circuit television (CCTV) to allow tellers to be located in secure, economical, remote locations, while still delivering consumer-friendly security service.

More Information

Optimized for teller efficiency, the RemoteTeller System allows one to four tellers to serve up to eight consumers. The Customer Delivery Unit features VAT technology, a 14-inch color monitor and color camera. Tellers’ Vision Direct Operator Units feature a flat-screen display with mounted camera and an Audio Control Module (ACM). Optional components are available for consumer and teller units.

RemoteTeller System Custom Stations

Provide inviting access to RemoteTeller services via a compact, self-contained unit that can be placed in the space that two traditional teller windows would occupy, effectively increasing transaction capacity. Easy to install and designed for easy serviceability and feature flexible mounting heights to facilitate ADA compliance. Diebold 816 Audio™ System audio ports, camera and 14” monitor mounts, and pneumatic system inputs make the facilitation of clear communication between the consumer and teller simple.


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