Diebold, Incorporated, was founded in 1859, and its early reputation was based solidly on its security expertise. Through the years, its award-winning capabilities have grown steadily to encompass both financial self-service solutions and services. Today, Diebold provides innovative, sophisticated, self-service delivery and security systems, all of which are backed by a renowned, worldwide service organization.


19th Century

1859: Diebold was founded in 1859 in Cincinnati, Ohio, and was known at the time as the Diebold Bahmann Safe Company.
1871: The Great Chicago Fire destroyed most everything within four square miles, except 878 Diebold safes which maintained intact and undamaged contents. Diebold moved its headquarters from Cincinnati, Ohio to Canton, Ohio, one year later to find more room for growth.
1872: Canton, Ohio was chosen as Diebold's new headquarters city because of its readily available workforce, its industrious, German-speaking population and the availability of resources, including steel plants and transportation.
1876: The company changed its name to the Diebold Safe & Lock Company after becoming incorporated.
1881: Diebold built a safe for the President of Mexico, the first recorded international sale.

20th Century

1930s: Diebold became a publicly traded company.
1930s: John Dillinger, infamous bank robber and murderer, prompted Diebold's creation of a robbery deterrent system for banks that flooded the bank lobby with tear gas and caused bandits to flee.
1936: Diebold expanded its product line by acquiring companies that specialized in products such as rotary, visible and indexing files, and microfilming systems.
1939-45: During World War II, the company devoted 98 percent of its activities to war work. At its peak, Diebold employed approximately 2,900 workers and sold $65 million in armor plate for more than 36,000 U.S. Army scout cars, among other war-related activities.
1943: Diebold Safe & Lock Company changed its name to Diebold, Incorporated, to better reflect the company's gradual diversification of products.
1944-51: Eliot Ness, former crime-fighter of "The Untouchables" fame, became chairman of Diebold's board.
1950s: Diebold safes appeared on many popular U.S. quiz shows as a mark of quality and security. Chief among the shows was The $64,000 Question.
1950s - 1990s:
Diebold's stock split eight times between 1956 and 1997.
1959: Diebold earned a net income of $1.7 million during its 100th anniversary.
1964: The company (NYSE: DBD) first began to trade stocks on the New York Stock Exchange on April 27.
1965: Diebold began to offer pneumatic tube delivery systems to banks, hospitals, post offices, libraries, office buildings and industrial facilities.
1973: Diebold introduced Total Automatic Banking System 500 (TABS 500).
1985: Diebold first unveiled its monitoring center which monitors ATMs, kiosks, facilities and operations 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
1990: InterBold, a joint enterprise between Diebold and IBM to extend global reach, was established.
1996: Diebold becomes a $1 billion company.
1999: Diebold introduced the first iris-recognition ATM in the United States - an ATM that identifies customers by recognizing unique patterns within the iris (colored part) of their eyes.

21st Century

2001: Diebold was awarded a contract from the U.S. National Archives in Washington, D.C. to secure the Charters of Freedom, including The Constitution, The Bill of rights and The Declaration of Independence.
2003: Diebold launched its new line of ATMs - the Opteva family. The company's latest generation of ATMs set a new level of performance, reliability and flexibility in the industry.
2004: Diebold Security's Event Monitoring Center received prestigious Five-Diamond Designation.
2008: Diebold was chosen as the exclusive ATM provider at key Beijing Olympic venues.
2008: Mobile banking became part of Diebold's total outsourcing solution.
2009: Diebold was named one of the world's top outsourcing service providers for the third consecutive year.
2009: Diebold achieved the highest ATM provider ranking in Bank Technology News' FINTECH 100.
2011: Diebold implemented advanced security solutions at World Trade Center Transportation Hub.
2011: Diebold earned top honors as CSAA Central Station of the Year.
2011: Diebold named 2011 Systems Integrator of the Year by SDM Magazine.
2012: Diebold unveiled the world's first 4G LTE-enabled ATM concept.
2012: Diebold reinvented the ATM experience with Concierge Video Services.
2013: Diebold unveiled the first millennial-inspired ATM concept.

Diebold increased its cash dividend for the 60th consecutive year.