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To remain competitive, financial institutions must implement proven methods that boost efficiencies and FIT their strategy.

The cost of doing business is increasing, while opportunities to generate revenue are decreasing.

According to data collected by a partnership between Diebold and Forrester Research, branches account for 60 to 65 percent of costs. Yet, they are necessary to maintain. As a result, you have to find efficiencies that FIT within your budget — and then continue to keep your costs low.

Part of Diebold’s FITbanking™ philosophy is helping you leverage people, process and technology to deliver Fully Integrated and Transformative (FIT)banking experiences that drive efficiencies and meet consumer needs — now, and in the future.


In many cases, a simple integration of advanced banking automation technology and managed services can make a significant impact to driving efficiencies.

To achieve the perfect FIT between creating efficiencies and delivering personalized service, you must consider a wide range of options.

From self-service channel migration to cash management options, branch size to staffing models, software-enabled managed services to energy consumption, we provide strategy guidance, as well as end-to-end solutions that FIT for your business.

Your ability to remain competitive starts with Diebold. We have delivered the most comprehensive portfolio of solutions to help you operate more efficiently, while continuing to delight your consumers.


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