​Deposit Automation

​Deposit automation provides high-quality transactions for consumers, delivering a teller-like experience while maintaining the efficiency of a self-service transaction. Extremely reliable and a strong driver of consumer migration to the self-service channel, Diebold’s advanced-function ATMs contribute to all aspects of a successful financial institution, from operational efficiency to customer or member retention.

Efficiency Through Self-Service

Redefine consumer understandings of banking with rapid high-volume envelope-free cash and check deposits, itemized receipts and bill-pay functionality. At the same time, allow tellers to focus their efforts on more rewarding tasks with cash-recycling technology. By automating enterprise and consumer-facing functions through more robust self-service offerings, you stand to augment consumer experience and revenue generation in one move.

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Learn how this innovating solutions increased savings and cash flow for 1st United  Services Credit Union.

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Diebold's Deposit Automation Solution - Transform your customer's banking experience


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