Culture & Values

Culture & Values

We are inventors, engaged collaborators and intensely curious innovators. We are pragmatic and resourceful. We empower ideas and respect opinions. We are Diebold.

As unique as the value we provide to our customers, are the values that are ingrained in all of us. Together, we have built an environment that fosters collaboration, inspires new ideas and empowers employees to contribute to our success—and the success of our customers.

Diebold’s performance-driven culture empowers and inspires people to succeed.

Work Environment

Everybody deserves a workplace in which they feel safe, valued, free of biases and free to communicate openly. At Diebold, the safety and best interests of our people are the center of everything we do. We are committed to creating an environment built upon respect, integrity, responsibility and accountability.

Community Involvement

Whether it’s building homes, raising money for local charities or volunteering time, we are mindful of, and involved with, the communities where we operate and serve. In fact, when Diebold becomes part of a community, we wholeheartedly support that community’s people and events.


Diversity is a significant component in our company’s success. We embrace the unique ideas, cultures and lifestyles of our diverse workforce that have enabled us to expand our presence in more than 90 countries throughout the world.


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